Interview to Gianna Greco of “Cooking Experience”

On Tuesday 6th February 2018, everyone of us guys that are part of of the online magazine “Fiori di carta” with Dr. Rosella Vigilante hosted Mrs Gianna Greco of “Cooking Experience” of Lecce at the Campi Salentina citadel of health to make her an interview. She straightaway told us that his cooking school was born in 2008 and that the lessons are directed primarily to foreigners. After that she talked about herself telling us she is not born as a cook, but that she started to work at 16 years old as a baby sitter, after that she did other jobs, she worked at Telecom and at Wind.

Traduzione intervista avvocata Orlando

1) Why isn’t prostitution regulated?
R: In our regulations it is not repressed, as it doesn’t constitute a crime by itself. The Merlin law punishes all of those activities that benefit from prostitution. The freedom to dispose of one’s own body, as long as it isn’t extorted with coercion methods, is at the base of the law.
2) How much does prostitution affect the psychological aspect of a person?

Summary of Luperto interview

The causes of immigration are many and depend from countries from which immigrants come from: they emigrate because of poverty that is not only the economic one, but also the lack of those rights that can be the right to education and the right to family unity. So the causes of immigration are linked to a planning finalized to improve one’s own life. Leave one’s land, one’s origin is not simple and sometimes homesickness is felt in a bursting manner. Adaptation in a new environment is very difficult and at the beginning a culture shock is felt because the way of life is different.

Intervista Avvocata Vigilante: La violenza sulle donne

1) Quando una donna subisce una violenza, a livello giuridico cosa avviene? Perché le donne hanno paura di denunciare? Bisogna distinguere tra le varie forme di violenza. Psicologica, fisica, economica, sessuale, domestica, la tratta delle donne, lo stalking e da qualche anno è stato introdotto in Italia il termine “femminicidio”, cioè una donna che viene ammazzata in quanto donna. La violenza prolifera dove c’è una disparità molto forte tra uomo e donna. Fondamentale capire che tipo di violenza sia e dunque qual è la legislazione da applicare.

Intervista Avvocata Andreina Orlando e Mediatrice Culturale Belma Tuzi

1) Perché la prostituzione non è regolamentata? Nel nostro ordinamento non è repressa, in quanto non costituisce un crimine in sé. La legge Merlin punisce tutte quelle attività che dalla prostituzione traggono beneficio. La libertà della disposizione del proprio corpo, purché non estorta con metodi di coercizione, è alla base della legge.