L'anno che verrà

Oh mio Signore,
illuminaci in queste ore
per giungere ad una soluzione
di questa nostra difficile situazione.
Dacci la forza di restare in piedi
non ti chiediamo l'universo
ma, semplicemente piccole cose
che possono avverarsi.
Facci comprendere dove abbiamo sbagliato,
dove ti abbiamo deluso,
perché in noi c'è un buio totale.
Ti preghiamo di illuminare il futuro
donandoci amore, serenità e pace.

C. P.


Intervista alla Dottoressa Titti De Simone sulla discriminazione

- Per Lei cos’è la discriminazione? Perché si discrimina?
È un tema ancora molto presente nella nostra società, tutti i portatori di una differenza subiscono discriminazioni. Le differenze possono essere di tanti tipi e tutte le persone differenti da una maggioranza che si presume corrispondente a certi canoni rischiano di essere oggetto di discriminazione.
- Come affrontano e combattono la discriminazione le istituzioni? Basta solo un cambio culturale?

The castles of Andria and Trani

Visiting the castles of Andria and Trani was like plunging into the past and reliving history. 
Castel del Monte (Andria), dates back to the 13th century and is located on a 
mountain on the Murge plateau. Built by Emperor Frederick II, it was included in the 
UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. It has an octagonal plan and the interior space 
is divided into 2 floors. Limestone is the predominant material. The marble and the 
coral breccia cover all the internal walls. It is called a "castle", but in reality the exact 

The castles of Peschici and Manfredonia

September 18 and 19 the editorial staff of the online magazine "Fiori di 
carta" organized a guided tour to introduce us to the castles of Peschici and 
Manfredonia. We started from Campi Salentina and the journey was peaceful. Once 
we arrived at our destination we were placed in hotel rooms to dispose of the
journey’s fatigue, and then we went to visit Peschici which is a very beautiful tourist 
resort. The historic center winds through many alleys, which make it similar to a 

Castle Carlo V and its legend

During a rainy day of December the M. O. L. editorial staff “Fiori di carta” finds itself in front of the “Royal Door” to meet with Dr. Leo, the guide that will accompany us during our course. In 1539 emperor Carlo V D’Asburgo emanated the order to demolish the old princely bulwark, dating back to Middle Ages, to build a new fortress, with military architecture techniques. The job was entrusted to Gian Giacomo dell’Acaya, engineer of Napoli’s reign. The shape of the building is quadrangular and has four corners, from which the four ramparts rise.

A meeting between us and Dr. Spagnulo

On Tuesday 27/11/2018, we guys from Campi Sal.na and Lequile, part of the online magazine “Fiori di carta”, interviewed Dr. Stefano Spagnulo, author of the novel “Beautynsidia”, which protagonist is an irriverent and sometimes sarcastic little monkey that, with its personality, almost ends up overshadowing humans. In this new book are not treated only scientific themes, but also ethical themes like animal experimentation and cloning.