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Traduzione intervista avvocata Orlando

1) Why isn’t prostitution regulated?
R: In our regulations it is not repressed, as it doesn’t constitute a crime by itself. The Merlin law punishes all of those activities that benefit from prostitution. The freedom to dispose of one’s own body, as long as it isn’t extorted with coercion methods, is at the base of the law.
2) How much does prostitution affect the psychological aspect of a person?

Summary of Luperto interview

The causes of immigration are many and depend from countries from which immigrants come from: they emigrate because of poverty that is not only the economic one, but also the lack of those rights that can be the right to education and the right to family unity. So the causes of immigration are linked to a planning finalized to improve one’s own life. Leave one’s land, one’s origin is not simple and sometimes homesickness is felt in a bursting manner. Adaptation in a new environment is very difficult and at the beginning a culture shock is felt because the way of life is different.