Interview to Doctor Spagnulo regarding Covid

1. Regarding media information, in your opinion, why are scientists divided between different theories? All of this caused in our behaviors a loosening of rules respect.
R: Virology, immunology and epidemiology are subjects that despite their differences they speak about the same thing but from different point of views. In the translation of media language this sometimes can expose different theories, even conflicting ones. If we reason in terms of probability and randomness we won’t solve anything. It’s base biological subjects that tend to give more certain answers. Particularly the experience in the field. Between these it seems to me that they speak in a lot more truthful manner compared to the others virology and ecology.

2. Covid is a disease like HIV, with which we have to learn to live. Is it true that we we’ll never be able to eradicate it?
R: HIV stays for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and it’s the virus that provoke the phenomenon of acquired immunodeficiency. Sars-CoV-2 is a Sars and provokes pneumonia (Covid-19). They are not the same thing. An effective vaccine and Neo monoclonal antibodies will be in my opinion the interpretation to answer to this question. Let’s hope well.

3.The vaccine, they say that it will be ready by December. Is this news true?
R: Very reliable sources promise very well. If it won’t be December it will certainly be the spring of 2021.

4. Is it true that Covid-19 changes continuously? And if it is like that would the vaccine be enough to immunize us?
R: Any virus especially the RNA ones like Coronavirus undergo mutations continuously, so much so that since it was born and exploded we’ve been able to reconstruct its diffusion through the analysis of the mutations that happened. This however doesn’t mean that the continuous mutation of the virus makes a vaccine ineffective. It depends if on this genetic material occur not relevant point-like mutations or mutates everything considerably. I think that the phenomenon of point-like mutations is the most probable and frequent. We rather hope!

5. Since when this epidemic exists I’ve always believed that this virus is a laboratory product, that for any motivation has escaped from control. What’s your theory?
R: Sars-CoV-2 hasn’t been created in a lab. We study from a lot of time Coronaviruses. I think that its birth happened from some spillover from animals to humans. We don’t know if while studying it has escaped from control. The hypothesis of its natural origin is quite truthful because while studying viruses that are found in bats, they have a lot of similarities with Sars-CoV-2.

6. What parallelisms exist between the Spanish flu and Covid, with the distance of an exact century (1920 – 2020)?
R: Interesting question. Actually they are two explosions of pathologies that caused and are causing very big problems. Yesterday and today. Naturally today we have instruments to study, contain and counter. For example look at the Ebola virus. Very probably while we fight Sars-CoV-2 we have defeated it forever. We can do it.

7. How did you live the lockdown?
R: Thanks for the question. I made a lot of virology, ecology and epidemiology studies. Particularly I studied how bats are able to contain and control the virus like reservoir. I published my researches on the scientific journal “Natura Docer, ND, La natura insegna” number of July and August 2020. Publication which earned me the admission into an important scientific committee and two professorships at the Saint George Campus and at the UnitelmaSapienza of Rome. The journal is freely downloadable and you can read my researches. The same study was done by one of my collegues independently in Russia confirming the same results. It was very beautiful to me. However it was a difficult period and like everyone I also cried. But after that I told me… I’m a warrior and soldier of scientific and sanitary culture. I have to get busy.

8. Covid diseased have some physical consequences with time, in your opinion will these pass away or will they be permanent damages?
R: It’s still early to answer to this question. Unfortunately in some people that I’ve seenpersonally Covid-19 left signs that are a lot sad. I’m sorry.

9. To protect ourselves from this virus are masks on the market enough or is it necessary to wear the visor for a better protection?
R: Masks, physical distancing, prevention of crowds and personal hygiene are sufficient measures of prevention.

10. Doctor Capua said that the pandemic will be contained by the vaccine. What do you think about it?
R: As I already answered before, the vaccine can be a resolutive interpretation but it has to be safe and effective. Monoclonal antibodies are going to be another very beautiful surprise.

11. In your opinion will there be a new lockdown to contain the second wave of the virus?
R: I really hope not. It would be a disaster from an economic point of view.

12. Covid to me is like a child that has to adapt, can the resolution be the adaptation of this virus to the world? Or must we contain it with safety measures?
R: Very nice question and reflection. We should adapt to nature instead to make a virus explode because of our nature mistreatment. A virus is a biological entity and it’s not an organism. Moreover it only wants to make the parasite. I wish it were like a child.

13. On the television President Conte has announced that the first doses of vaccine will be available at Christmas while Minister Speranza claims that they will be ready during spring. What do you think of this contradictory news?
R: It should be ready at most in spring.

14. How can we distinguish a Covid infection from a common flu one?
R: I’ll attach a very clear image. There is only to add that Covid-19 brings as first symptoms the loss or the reduction of smell and taste.