Summary of Luperto interview

The causes of immigration are many and depend from countries from which immigrants come from: they emigrate because of poverty that is not only the economic one, but also the lack of those rights that can be the right to education and the right to family unity. So the causes of immigration are linked to a planning finalized to improve one’s own life. Leave one’s land, one’s origin is not simple and sometimes homesickness is felt in a bursting manner. Adaptation in a new environment is very difficult and at the beginning a culture shock is felt because the way of life is different. Insertion of immigrants in the new context serves properly to reduce the level of culture shock. Immigrants immediately find themselves to share cultures, religions, foods, languages. Keeping these aspects in a country different from the one you grow up in contributes to maintain an identity. Living all together is necessary even if  basically the emigrant maintains the culture of origin.
In Italy exists a law on family reunification that establishes the rules to make one’s own family come in Italy. Between these rules there are some which order that you must show that you have an adequate home, an income to sustain the family and you have to show that the family members that you want to let come in Italy are effectively family members. From 2021 the Ministry increased teaching hours of Italian language into SPRAR giving regions the possibility to organize themselves autonomously. Both SPRAR and CAS are present on all the national territory, but it’s necessary to specify that CAS depend from Prefectures. Certainly nowadays the quality of work has changed but only inside the centers of first reception, because of the lowering of resources, and so they had to give priority to minimal services. Into the SPRAR project you have a direct control on how the equipe works in structures and on how the migrant is helped to enter into the world of work. We should give voice and space to foreigners that were successful in Italy, because they are not all criminals and there are people that did it becoming Italian citizens.