The castles of Peschici and Manfredonia

September 18 and 19 the editorial staff of the online magazine "Fiori di 
carta" organized a guided tour to introduce us to the castles of Peschici and 
Manfredonia. We started from Campi Salentina and the journey was peaceful. Once 
we arrived at our destination we were placed in hotel rooms to dispose of the
journey’s fatigue, and then we went to visit Peschici which is a very beautiful tourist 
resort. The historic center winds through many alleys, which make it similar to a 
landscape of Greece. The castle perched on a cliff and renovated by the owners who 
bought it. The guide showed us the torture rooms explaining how various tools were 
used in ancient times. 
The other stop on our itinerary was the trebuchet of San Nicola. The trebuchet is a 
wooden structure built on the rocks; in ancient times and, still today, it is used for 
fishing, even if the platforms are used as restaurants. Here we dined and tasted freshly 
caught fish. After the evening we returned to the hotel. I shared a room with Davide 
and Roberto, my friends. The next day the group left to meet the tour guide who 
would take us to the archaeological park: the "Salata" which is a complex of caves 
that were used to bury deceased people. From here we continued to Manfredonia to visit the 
Aragonese castle. 
I liked this tour because it was instructive to know so many places, and then I spent 
the time sharing the experience with my friends.