A meeting between us and Dr. Spagnulo

On Tuesday 27/11/2018, we guys from Campi Sal.na and Lequile, part of the online magazine “Fiori di carta”, interviewed Dr. Stefano Spagnulo, author of the novel “Beautynsidia”, which protagonist is an irriverent and sometimes sarcastic little monkey that, with its personality, almost ends up overshadowing humans. In this new book are not treated only scientific themes, but also ethical themes like animal experimentation and cloning. In this novel are present information and reflections on compounds that are present primarily in cosmetics, compounds that sometimes can turn out to be damaging. A particular attention is payed on parabens that are substances added to cosmetics to avoid the growth of fungi and bacteria that could invade the cosmetic after its opening. Various studies have put into light the possibility that parabens are harmful to the hormonal system and could produce breast tumors. Another interesting topic is the experimentation on animals, which normative seems to be rather restrictive in fact the use of animals is allowed only when the researcher demonstrates and documents the impossibility to reach the result without the use of live animals. The ideal would be to work completely without animal experimentation, but this at the moment doesn’t seem attainable. Another topic of great interest is that of cloning that is the cultivation and the multiplication of cells until the creation of an individual in some way an identical copy of the cloned individual. Cloning would therefore make the characteristic of every human being, that is their “uniqueness”, lost. At the end of the interview Dr. Spagnulo gave us a copy of his novel and I thought that this presentation gave me the opportunity to know topics that are useful to our health and to enrich our culture.