Summary of the interview to lawyer Vigilante

Violence proliferates where there is a very strong disparity between men and women. However there is the need to distinguish between various forms of violence: the psychological, the physical, the economic, the sexual, the domestic, the women’s trade, the stalking, and, since some years, the femicide one, that is when a woman gets killed as such. It’s fundamental to understand at the legal level what type of violence it is and what is the legislation to apply. The problem is not simply to foresee a sanction but it is also of cultural nature and there is the need to build a new grammar of relationships, of well-being, of happiness, of human rights. When a person undergoes a violence they have such a state of fear and anxiety that they have to modify their life conditions and recur to the judiciary authority to be protected. They go to Centers, the so-called shelter houses, where they are welcomed totally free of charge and they can have a support of psychological nature. Here there is the psychologist, the lawyer which deals with the civil aspect, and the lawyer which deals with the penal aspect. When we speak about cultural change we mean that the stereotypes must be abolished and the discrimination between men and women eliminated to give a cultural measure that permits them to carry out the same roles covered by men. Violence has no age and the persecutory acts of men arise from the will to control women while they take back their life. Men continue to exert power on them, a control to limit them with the things they can do. We need to stop violent language and help men to understand the reason why they have been pushed to act that way towards women. If such violence is acted in the presence of a child we talk about attended violence, that is when children that observe the violence perpetrated towards the mother, the grandmother, the aunt, in the future they will repeat certain behaviors, learning violent language. Penalties are different because cases are never similar. President Mattarella during women’s day made a speech that aims to reach a better world, a different world in which men and women have equal dignity. But today the social regard that we have towards women hasn’t changed and we resent of a resistance of cultural nature where the woman is seen as the angel of the hearth and we want she remains so. Men are not capable to accept the progress of women because they are scared that they slip out of their control and so they react with violence. The social role of today women has put men into crisis because they don’t want to give up to them inasmuch they fear to lose the power to act on them and make of those women their object of dominion. However, fortunately, not all men have this mindset.