We meet Sebastiano Siviglia

We met the footballer Sebastiano Siviglia at the communal gardens in Lecce for an interview. Siviglia currently works as the coach of Nocerina. In the past he was a Serie A footballer who saw him protagonist as a defender in Lecce, in Verona, in Rome and other teams. To the questions that "the interview group" of the M.O.L. had prepared, Sebastiano replied in a very quiet and calm manner. What struck me is that real football, as Siviglia understands it, has many relationships with the values of life. In the sense that Siviglia has done this job as a true athlete, with a lot of professionalism, which has led him to high levels, but without losing true values.
He remained a humble man and did not allow himself to be overwhelmed by the exaltation of success. This is the message he passed on to us.

Andrea Monferrini - Claudio Ferraro