The nature for Stefano Spagnulo

Guys from "Fiori di carta" met Dr. Stefano Spagnulo at the naturalistic reserve of Rauccio park. On May 15, on a windy afternoon, we went into the woods to get to know the naturalistic beauties of this landscape. Here we set out  on a path where we could admire the oldest holm oak tree called "grandfather", which once the visit was over we all hugged by expressing a wish. Entering the woods, Dr. Spagnulo made us listen to the chirping of cinciallegre, who communicated with their song the presence of some intruders. Overcoming a difficult path between intertwined branches and brushwood, we came to observe the burrows of badgers. But the most exciting moment for me was when we stretched out in a circle to interview the doctor about his personal history and the working one.

Andrea Monferrini, Claudio Ferraro